2012-02-22 Guo-Fu Tseng[PATCH] jme: Fix FIFO flush issue master
2012-02-22 Joe Perchesdrivers/net: Remove alloc_etherdev error messages
2012-02-22 Aries Leejme: PHY configuration for compatible issue
2012-02-22 Michał Mirosławnet: drivers: use bool type instead of double negation
2012-02-22 Michał Mirosławnet: introduce and use netdev_features_t for device...
2012-02-22 Rick JonesSweep additional floors of strcpy in .get_drvinfo routines
2012-02-22 Eric Dumazetnet: add skb frag size accessors
2012-02-22 françois romieudrivers/net/ethernet: remove unused #define.
2012-02-22 Ian Campbelljme: convert to SKB paged frag API.
2012-02-22 Jiri Pirkonet: remove use of ndo_set_multicast_list in drivers
2012-02-22 Jiri Pirkojme: do vlan cleanup
2011-07-21 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Fix unmap error (Causing system freeze)
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Cleanup PM operations after using new PM API
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu Tsengdepmod on all modules
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu Tsengcleanup before and after buildtest
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu TsengAdding script for build-test against various versions...
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu TsengForce install driver to kernel/drivers/net
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu TsengUpdate gitignore
2011-06-28 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Fix compile warning introduced by new pm macro
2011-06-25 Alexey Dobriyannet: remove interrupt.h inclusion from netdevice.h
2011-06-25 David Decotignyethtool: Use full 32 bit speed range in ethtool's set_s...
2011-06-25 Michał Mirosławjme: convert offload constraints to ndo_fix_features
2011-06-25 Rafael J. WysockiNet / jme: Do not use legacy PCI power management
2011-06-25 Sergei Shtylyovnet: use pci_dev->revision, again
2011-02-14 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Advance driver version 1.0.8
2011-02-14 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Don't show UDP Checksum error if HW misjudged
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Refill receive unicase MAC addr after resume
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Safer MAC processor reset sequence
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Fix hardware action of full-duplex
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Rename phyfifo function for easier understand
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Fix bit typo of JMC250A2 workaround
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: PHY Power control for new chip
2011-02-12 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Extract main and sub chip revision
2011-02-12 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/*.c: Use static const
2010-12-14 Michał Mirosławnet: Fix too optimistic NETIF_F_HW_CSUM features
2010-12-14 Eric Dumazetjme: fix panic on load
2010-10-24 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Support WoL after shutdown 1.0.7
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Update CHANGELOG
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Advance version number
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Adding mii-tool support
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Prevent possible read re-order error
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Add comment in jme_set_settings
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu Tsengjme: Fix PHY power-off error
2010-10-18 Guo-Fu TsengAdd .gitignore
2010-09-30 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/jme: Use pr_<level>
2010-09-30 Eric Dumazetdrivers/net: avoid some skb->ip_summed initializations
2010-08-17 Guo-Fu TsengAdding eeprom info bash script
2010-08-03 Joe Perchesdrivers/net: remove useless semicolons
2010-08-03 Joe Perchesdrivers/net: Remove unnecessary returns from void funct...
2010-08-03 Jiri Pirkonet: convert multicast list to list_head
2010-08-03 Tejun Heoinclude cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu Tseng[jme] Add checklog jme-1.0.6
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu Tseng[jme] Protect vlgrp structure by pause RX actions.
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0.6 source
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0.5 source jme-1.0.5
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0.4 source jme-1.0.4
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0.3 source jme-1.0.3
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0.2 source jme-1.0.2
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0.1 source jme-1.0.1
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 1.0 source jme-1.0
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.9e source jme-0.9e
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.9d source jme-0.9d
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.9c source jme-0.9c
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.9b source jme-0.9b
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.9a source jme-0.9a
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.9 source jme-0.9
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.8 source jme-0.8
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.7 source jme-0.7
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.6 source jme-0.6
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.5 source jme-0.5
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.4 source jme-0.4
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.3 source jme-0.3
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.2 source jme-0.2
2010-08-03 Guo-Fu TsengImport jme 0.1 source jme-0.1