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What is Gencool Linux?

Gencool Linux is a LiveUSB distribution based on Gentoo. It's basically my working environment, and is utilized for flash drive. Gencool is distributing in 3 different types:
  • LiveDVD
    LiveDVD [md5]
    Same as LiveUSB, but with DVD medium.
  • LiveUSB
    No kernel source, Root made with squashfs and unionfs. For those who have smaller USB Drive or simply need a temporary working environment without modifying it.
  • USBRoot
    Full Gencool Gentoo environment installed into USB Drive.
  • Install CD [md5]
    Minimal kernel and initrd for install environment. It can also be used to boot USBRoot for legacy computer which does not support USB boot.

Hardware Requirement

  • CPU: Intel pentium pro or above
  • RAM: At least 4GB, more the 8GB is recommended.

What's in Gencool Linux?

  • UTF-8 Chinese
  • Open Office
  • Network tools
  • Remote Desktop
  • GIMP
  • Skype
  • Firefox
  • Chromium
  • GTKWave
  • iVerilog
  • Latex with UTF-8 Chinese, prosper, libpaper support
  • Auto detect/setup X11 video driver
  • ...

Who needs Gencool Linux?

  • Who wants a portable Gentoo environment on flash drive or DVD.
  • Who wants full x-org environment without trivial Gentoo setup steps.
  • Who wants LaTeX with Chinese support.

Special Thanks

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How To Install?