Two towns T1 and T2 are connected through a double railroad. The distance between T1 and T2 is d meters. From T1 to T2 the trains are leaving every t1 seconds. From T2 to T1 the trains are leaving every t2 seconds. The trains from T1 to T2 have a speed of v1 m/s. The trains from T2 to T1 have a speed of v2 m/s.

Your task is to write a program that computes the number of train ``rendezvous" on the railroad which links T1 and T2, and which occur during the time interval [0, tf] seconds.

We consider that:

at time 0 two trains are leaving (from T1 to T2, and from T2 to T1);

the input and output data are integers.


Your program reads data sets, one per line, in the following format:

$d \ v1 \ v2 \ t1 \ t2 \ tf$.


The program writes to the output the number of ``rendezvous".

Sample Input 

10  5  5  1  1  2

Sample Output 


Miguel Revilla