Determinate Prime
Input: standard input
Output: standard output
Time Limit: 1 second


If three or more consecutive primes are uni-distance they are called Determinate Primes. Your task is to print all the Determinate Prime sets between two integers (inclusive).




The input is consist of several test cases. Each test case consists of two non negative integers x and y. None of the input will be grater than 32000. Input will be terminated with two zeroes.




For each test case you have to print all the Determinate Primes between x and y. Each set must be in a different line. For clarity check out the sample input and output.


NB: No subset of a series is allowed. For example, a series of five uni-distant primes having even four of them in the interval  is not allowed, all the five primes should be in the interval.


The first two lines and the third line of the sample output are the outputs for the first and second sample inputs respectively.


Sample Input

1 100
2 8
0 0

Sample Output

3 5 7
47 53 59

3 5 7

Problem setter: Hasan Shihab Uddin ( BUET PESSIMISTIC )
Thanks to Adrian and Anupam for their alternate solutions.