Problem F
The Last Non-zero Digit.
Input: Standard Input
Output: Standard Output
Time Limit: 30 seconds

In this problem you will be given two decimal integer number N, M. You will have to find the last non-zero digit of the NPM. This means no of permutations of N things taking M at a time.


The input file contains several lines of input. Each line of the input file contains two integers N (0<=N<=20000000), M (0<=N). Input is terminated by end-of-file.


For each line of the input file you should output a single digit, which is the last non-zero digit of NPM. For example, if NPM is 720 then the last non-zero digit is 2. So in this case your output should be 2.

Sample Input

10 10
10 5
25 6

Sample Output


Shahriar Manzoor