Problem F

Bangla Numbers

Input: standard input

Output: standard output


Bangla numbers normally use 'kuti' (10000000), 'lakh' (100000), 'hajar' (1000), 'shata' (100) while expanding and converting to text. You are going to write a program to convert a given number to text with them.


The input file may contain several test cases. Each case will contain a non-negative number <= 999999999999999.


For each case of input, you have to output a line starting with the case number with four digits adjustment followed by the converted text.


Sample Input


Sample Output

   1. 23 hajar 7 shata 64
   2. 45 lakh 89 hajar 7 shata 45 kuti 89 lakh 73 hajar 9 shata 58

Tanbir Ahmed